Exhibition "Image for Ages" and Coin Presentation.

Opening of the exhibition of Anna Gorbunova in the Alabin Museum.

Meeting with the artist Anna Gorbunova.

Presentation of the portrait of Vysotsky.

Opening of the exhibition "The sun has risen".


"THE SUN ROSE" Simplicity is the ultimate skill.
Artist Anna Gorbunova presented paintings in the best traditions of Russian realism.
A hand reaches out to the bulk apples. The fire smells like smoke.
The main thing at the exhibition is a leisurely and picturesque Russian village. She clings to her grandfather with tiny little hands - and you immediately understand what Anna was writing with her heart. A painting is truer than a mirror. It beckons, breathes, lives. The portrait shows the artist's youngest son and father. “In May I came to my parents again - and, as usual, we just sat down on a tree stump to talk. At the rubble. And I look - a picture. Immediately, "said Anna Gorbunova, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. This is a gift. Anna kept the plan secret, she did not show the canvas to her father until the opening day.
"The sun has risen" is the general name for the exhibition and its most striking work. The highest skill is this unadulterated, "non-mundane" simplicity. A student of Russian realists, Anna loves Plastov's landscapes most of all.
She is inspired by the countryside, low fences, behind which is the horizon. The artist "saw" dozens of her paintings without leaving her parents' yard. Landscapes are relaxation for her. Portraits are a daily job. There will soon be up to a hundred of them - created for a variety of people. “In the morning he sits down, takes out his easel - if oil. From morning to evening, until the sun sets, ”said Pavel Gorbunov, son of Anna Gorbunova. The wisdom of an old man, a heavy branch of liquid apples, a fire by the river - the familiar world plays with new sides. I want to watch without stopping.
Julia Klenova.