Pastel portrait price.

Pastel portraits from Artist Anna Valerivna Gorbunova

Pastel portraits

The cost of portraits is individual and depends on the size, amount of detail, how many people are depicted in the picture and what background.

Image of one person

See the cost on the Russian-language version of the site, the cost is indicated in Russian rubles, payment in foreign currency at the rate.

Multi-figure group compositions are discussed separately.

How to order a portrait?

For export to the USA and other countries, an export permit is issued from the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Cost $90 for one painting.

Shipping cost by a transport company from Moscow (Russia) to New York (USA) from $ 150

Ancient pastel portraits are kept in world museums, which in their scope, elaboration and freshness rival with oil paintings on canvas. Its procession is pastel as an independent technique, began in the 17th century and has now become one of the main assets artistic expression.

What is pastel?

Dry pastel is pure pigment mixed with hard binding agent. Made in the form of crayons or pastel pencils: soft, medium, hard. Each has its own qualities for specific purposes and effects. Has a soft velvety texture, rich color palette. Pastels are mixed right at work.

Since it is a pure pigment, the pastel is resistant to fading, which confirms the preservation of pastels in museums since the 15th century. She still then fresh. However (as with all paintings) should be avoided direct sunlight on the image.
Now there is a special museum glass that protects pastels from ultraviolet radiation, and also has an anti-glare effect, thanks to which the impression of the absence of glass is created.

I only use high quality lightfast pastels! My basic set is pastel in derwentastel pencils (United Kingdom)
It is moderately stiff, has a thin line and allows you to work on small details. Fits perfectly on abrasive pastelmat paper. Vividness of pastels and depth shades appear 100%.
I get the missing colors from the pittpastel Faber-castell (Germany), Koh-i-noor hardtmuth gioconda (Czech Republic).

I use pastels in crayons for backgrounds and clothes, for example schmincke (Germany) I apply the last luscious strokes.

Pastel portrait - the best gift, as it meets the most refined tastes clients. Rich color, fine detail, character The portrait of the person being portrayed makes the pastel portrait a welcome gift. Pastel is distinguished by its short execution time - from 3 days. Pastel portrait - original gift for birthday, anniversary, anniversary.