Vysotsky Coin Benin 2015

In 2015, a collectible commemorative coin of Vladimir Vysotsky was released, the country issuer Benin.
The design of the coin used a painting by the artist Anna Gorbunova - a portrait of Vysotsky. This the picture won the international competition - the best portrait of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky, who took place in Moscow, at the State Cultural Center-Museum of V.S. Vysotsky on Taganka.
The coin is made with high quality minting at the mint Switzerland. The unique coating of colored enamel according to the volumetric image is made in Germany. You can see the smallest details of the picture under a magnifying glass. Packing in the form audio cassettes were made in Russia.
CFA 1000 franc silver coin Republic of Benin. Silver 999/1000, weight 20 grams, diameter 40 mm.
The coin has been on sale at Sberbank of Russia since January 26, 2015.

Vysotsky Coin Benin

Vysotsky Coin Benin

Issuing Country — BeninСтрана-эмитент — Бенин
Face Value — 1000 Francs CFAНоминальная стоимость — 1000 франков КФА
Year of — 2015Год выпуска — 2015
Obverse — Coat of ArmsАверс — герб
Reverse — Vladimir VysotskyРеверс — Владимир Высоцкий
Metal-content — Silver 999/1000Содержание металла — серебро 999/1000
Weight, g — 20.00Вес, г — 20.00
Quality — Proof, color printingКачество — Proof, цветная печать
Mintage — up to 15 000Тираж — до 15 000
Diameter, mm — 40.00Диаметр, мм — 40,00
Shape — RoundФорма — Круглая
Edge — ReededКрай — Рифленый
This is to certify that the Vladimir Vysotsky
colored silver coin is
legal tender issued under the
authorisation of the Government
of the Republic of Benin.

The coin's design was inspired by painting of A. Gorbunova
Настоящим удостоверяется, что Владимир Высоцкий
цветная серебряная монета
является законным платежным средством и выпускается с
разрешения правительства
Республики Бенин.

Дизайн монеты был вдохновлен картиной А. Горбуновой

The design of the coin packaging is made in the form of an audio cassette

The design of the coin packaging is made in the form of an audio cassette

Certificate for the coin autographed by Nikita Vladimirovich Vysotsky

Certificate for the coin autographed by Nikita Vladimirovich Vysotsky

Anna Gorbunova at her portrait Vysotsky

Anna Gorbunova at her portrait "Vysotsky"

Nikita Vladimirovich Vysotsky and artist Anna Valerievna Gorbunova

Nikita Vladimirovich Vysotsky and artist Anna Valerievna Gorbunova

From the history of this painting

Excerpts from an interview with Anna Gorbunova. Author Vadim KARASEV.

- Before you decided to take part in the competition, the very name of Vysotsky was something mean to you?

- Of course, like many others. Each of his songs is a phenomenon. They have a huge spectrum of emotions. You listen to these songs, and goosebumps. Songs were recorded on cassette recorders. I remember how I came to my father's workshop, and Vysotsky's voice sounded there.

- When you created your portrait of Vysotsky, listened to his songs?

- At the time of sketching - yes. And it seems to me thanks to this strokes turned out to be stronger, more emotional. At this stage, I realized what the accents must do in my job. But the portrait itself was already painting in silence. Continued it was long enough, and it was simply impossible to cope with such a load of emotions. In general, it is unusual for me to live in such heat all the time.

- Apparently, the creation of the portrait was preceded by a lot of preparatory work ...

Sure. First of all, I turned to the president of the public foundation "Vysotsky Center in Samara ”to Mikhail Trifonov. He brought me to the Vysotsky Museum. I saw a huge the number of his photographs, I saw the relics associated with him, his handwriting. I saw how tenderly, carefully Mikhail Trifonov treats memory Vysotsky. And that was the impetus for me to feel huge responsibility for their work, because this image is still loved many people. Many artists painted the portrait of Vysotsky. I realized that for this work is worth taking only if you can bring your understanding of this into it person. I think it worked out.

- The work has an unusual composition. Vysotsky here seems to be on top, above city. And below you can guess the outlines of Moscow in the Kotelnicheskaya area embankment. Was this composition transformed in the process?

- Yes, she has changed a lot. There were many sketches. By the way, the current version took a long time to develop. I wanted to show both the scale of Vysotsky as a person, and scale of the city. To see many windows. And from that came the feeling the presence of a large number of people. And as if his recordings sound from every window.

- Is the picture that opens behind Vysotsky's shoulders real?

- Yes, real. The layout has been slightly changed. So that the church fits into the picture, and the poster "XXV Congress of the CPSU" and much more. Near the Taganka Theater. I like plastic of this place. I liked how the buildings filled the space. Ordinary houses, old stalinkas, which in many large cities. It is important for me that the signs of the times are felt in the picture ...

- In the picture Vysotsky in 1975. Why did you stop at this particular time?

- I think this year is the year of his highest takeoff. I paint a lot of portraits. AND drew attention to the fact that a person who does a lot of inner work is constantly in overcoming, becomes more beautiful with age. Him facial features become expressive. So is Vysotsky's face, his gaze to the mid-70s, it seems to me, have become very expressive. I wanted to my picture, he remained on the rise of his popularity. The way he was remembered and loved by many.

- Were you interested in feedback on the forum about your work?

- Sure. Many wrote that this image matches their feeling. Vysotsky.

- What is the fate of this work?

- She was presented at an exhibition at the Vysotsky Museum Center in Moscow. From there ended up in the National Portrait Gallery. As the president said, the picture will be presented at the exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Vysotsky, which will open in January 2013 of the year.

- In what areas of painting and drawing do you work?

- I create pictures of city life, landscapes. I do graphics, pastels. Highly I like to paint portraits of people, especially among nature. It seems to me nature helps to convey the mood and essence of a person. With all my attention to details, details, in a portrait for me the main thing is not external similarity. The person in the painting shouldn't look like a wax museum character. It is important that the viewer who is next to the portrait has a feeling a living person. So that he feels his energy.

- When creating a portrait of a contemporary, you make it from a photograph, from memory or is the person posing for you?

- Differently. Better, of course, to meet first. I'm 15 enough minutes to understand how a person lives. Everything is important to me, even how he is is silent. Of course, the characters in my paintings came to me and posed several times. times for hours. But now life has accelerated so much that people can no longer afford it, and therefore most often communication is limited to one a meeting. And sometimes acquaintance with the hero of the picture is in absentia.

- Besides Vysotsky, are there any other famous figures in your portrait gallery?

- There is. For example, the American surgeon, oncologist William Stuart Halstead, who in significantly advanced science forward. Or the former president of the Academy of Medical Sciences Mikhail Davydov. I worked with "Samara Oncological Dispensary". And created many works and living doctors, and legendary personalities who have left a bright mark in the history of medicine.

- Do you do portraits only to order or on your own initiative too?

I wrote interesting people all the time. People who have achieved a lot in life. At the same time I try work not according to the scheme, each time creating something new, unusual. I write paintings, including portraits, and for myself. They stay in my house. But most of my work is "attached", which I am very happy about. They are in museums in private collections, including abroad.

Vysotsky Coin Benin Sberbank 2015

Exhibition "Image for Ages" and Coin Presentation

Today many seek to preserve the history of their kind, collect portraits of family members and create family portrait galleries, preserving images of their loved ones for centuries. The exhibition "Image for Ages" will present painting and graphic works. These are portraits and landscapes from private collections, and also from the artist's personal collection, views of old Samara and a collectible coin Vladimir Vysotsky. Silver 999.2015. On the territory of Russia it is sold through Sberbank.

The poem is dedicated to Anna Gorbunova
as a sign of admiration
and with deep
T. Butovchenko
President of PASO (chamber of lawyers of the Samara region)

Portrait similarity ,
Details and shadows,
Canvas, paints, brush swing,
A surge of inspiration.
Written image
Familiar and strong.
With a guitar and a feeling
loss… Recognizable
Voice, movements, sounds.
Give birth to visions
Artist's hands
Particle of soul
It will be reflected as in a miracle:
In a sketch, a landscape,
Pastels, etude.
Put it together
To merge with the image:
Look from canvases
Different faces.
With lively eyes,
Emotions movement.
Talented, bright
Masterpieces are imperishable.
Time has stopped
Launched again.
Modest signature:
Anna Gorbunova

Tatiana Butovchenko