Portraits on order in oils or pastel

Anna Gorbunova

Member of the Russian artists’ association

The artist’s paintings are kept in national museums

Die struck silver coins

Portrait in oils
Pastel portrait

How to order

The portrait by Anna Gorbunova is:

1. Portrait from a high-level portrayer.
2. Life-like portrait
3. Image of the mental world of a person. Work in portrait psychology.
4. Realistic style.
5. Describing fine details and textures of objects.
6. Traditional technology of oil and pastel painting.
7. Converting any of your photo or memories into the painting canvas.
8. High-quality materials: Italian primed canvases and colorfast oil or pastel.
9. Paying special attention to each customer.
10. Meeting at the artist’s studio or a customer visit.
11. Compliance with a deadline: you are guaranteed to receive your portrait at a set time
12. Photo of each phase of work is sent to the customer once the work is completed.
13. The artwork will be framed individually by customer wish.
14. Packing the framed oil painting in a gift-wrapped/transportation box.
15. The artwork can be shipped to every country! Authorization for export abroad is provided by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation + The Ministry of Culture’s expert opinion.
16. Free delivery is possible within Moscow or to the shipping company terminal.
17. Once you have received the painting, you will be able to hang it on the wall (fixtures and hanging hooks available)
18. You acquire a priceless family heirloom that could be preserved for generations!
19. Please leave us a message if you want to talk with us about inquiry, cooperation or any other need.