Portrait to order

Anna Gorbunova

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia

Paintings in state museums

Portraits on silver coins

Completed more than 500 portraits to order

Oil painting
gallery of portraits

gallery of portraits


How to order a portrait. Prices.

The portrait from Anna Gorbunova is:

1. Handwritten portrait from a status artist!
2. Portrait resemblance.
3. Transmission of the inner world. Work on portrait psychology.
4. Realism style.
5. Fine detail. The materiality of the depicted objects.
6. The classic technology of writing in oil and pastel.
7. Writing a portrait based on a photograph of a customer, a photo shoot made by an artist.
8. High quality materials to create a picture. Italian primed canvas. Only light-resistant oil paints and pastels.
9. Attention to all your wishes.
10. Meeting in the workshop, departure to the customer.
11. The agreement on the timing of the execution of the order will be respected. You will receive a portrait at the appointed time.
12. Photos of the stages of work (after completion).
13. Design and selection of baguette for frames.
14. Packing paintings in gift and shipping boxes.
15. Free delivery in Moscow or to the terminal of a transport company.
16. Upon receipt, your picture is ready for placement on the wall (there are accessories, suspensions). You have acquired a true family value that will last a century!
17. Anna Gorbunova portrait master.