Oil portrait price

Portraits from the Artist Anna Valerivna Gorbunova

Portraits oil on canvas

The cost of portraits is individual and depends on the size, amount of detail, how many people are depicted in the picture and what background.

Image of one person

See the cost on the Russian-language version of the site, the cost is indicated in Russian rubles, payment in foreign currency at the rate.

Multi-figure group compositions are discussed separately.

How to order a portrait?

For export to the USA and other countries, an export permit is issued from the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Cost $90 for one painting.

Shipping cost by a transport company from Moscow (Russia) to New York (USA) from $ 150

What is oil?

The carrier of the paint color is a pigment - a powder of mineral or organic or artificially prepared chemically. Linseed oil is the binder.
Oil painting became widespread in the early 15th century by Jan van Eyck remains the most popular technique in art. She gives the artist unlimited the ability to create color, texture, illusion and this eternal. In my portraits, I use only high quality, lightfast paints (not imitation) and high quality canvas.
The idea of ​​permanence is or eternal life on earth - this is what gives our portraits magical attractive power. "Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1835.
Oil portrait - luxurious, exclusive gift to the director, manager, colleague at work, as well as to the most beloved and close ones! Such a gift becomes a family heirloom for many centuries!